Pit Bull Energy

Have no time to get ready for exams? Meeting a deadline is an impossible thing to do? Anxious to fall asleep at a party? You feel like a squeezed orange? There is a solution and its name is Pit Bull.
It is an eye opener that provides you with energy and good mood for the whole day.

Pit Bull

With the taste of wild berries.

Non-alcoholic sparkling energy drink that includes apple juice.

The drink contains vitamin complex B5, B6, B9, C, PP, taurine and caffeine.

Packaging: 0.5l, 1.0l PET bottle  

Pit Bull X

Fruit taste with bright orange flavor.
Non-alcohol sparkling energy drink that contains vitamin complex В5, В6, В9.
With increased content of caffeine and taurine*.
Packaging: can 0.25 l

* TAURINE favours energy processes in the body, accumulates in the muscle tissue and improves metabolic processes there.

Pit Bull extra vitamin C

A perfect combination of the sweet and sour citrus flavour and vitamin C.

A mix of flavours: lemon, lime and bergamot + an optimal dosage of vitamin C*.

Packaging: can 0.25 l

*Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and protects it from viruses and bacteria. It accelerates the recovery process of the body, protects against the harmful effects of pollution, and is also the best anti-stress vitamin.